Thursday, December 27, 2018


Salary Profile
Each employee will be able to have their own salary profiles.

Government Deductions
By using our e-Payroll, government deductions (for Malaysia only) such as income tax, EPF,
and SOCSO is automatically calculated and deducted from the salary.

Other Customizable Deductions
You will also be able to add customized deductions and allow the system to automatically 
calculate the deductions and deduct it from the specified accounts.

Printable Online Salary Slip
Your employees will be able to view their salary slip and also
print the salary slip online, wherever they are. This will reduce the administration costs for
your company.

Online Salary Reports
Salary reports can be produced anywhere in the world, when needed, saving time and 
administration costs.

Bank Transfer Document
Our e-Payroll also will be able to save and keep bank transfer documents, allowing you easy 
access to them anytime you need.

Special Crew Management Payroll (custom solution - contact us)
Do you have special crew management payroll requirements? We will do it for you. 
Contact us for more details. Email us at or you can reach us 
team by phone at +(603)-2724 3826.
Thank you!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

What is Payroll?

The daunting monthly process, calculating, deducting, and detailing an employee’s tax and national insurance contributions is actually a fairly straightforward process .need time to do all the things and have a complicated by using manually, for example by using excel.
When handling payroll need calculate tax, employee national insurance, and national insurance contributions.

The expression "payroll" really alludes to the rundown of workers that get remuneration from an organization. In any case, most organizations by and large utilize the term to allude to the cash that is paid to the representatives or the records that detail how much every worker has made. Payroll may likewise allude to the organization, division, or programming that is utilized to process paychecks and charges or to the way toward figuring and conveying representative paychecks.

Handling payroll is an imperative capacity of any business and requires a comprehension of current controls, point by point charge information to guarantee appropriate withholding and recording, and an exceedingly sorted out framework that can be depended upon to pay every representative the perfect measure of cash. For some, associations, utilizing payroll frameworks or redistributing payroll can moderate pressure and limit blunders.

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8 Benefits about payroll system

 Payroll Profiles Management
You can manage your staff's payroll information and profile, which includes their salary information, payment frequency, allowances and more.

 Unlimited Adjustments
Have any adjustments such as allowances and deductions? Do not worry, you can have unlimited adjustments by using the payroll system.

 Statutory Contributions
By using the payroll system we automatically calculate statutory contributions such as EPF, SOCSO, PCB, Zakat, and PSMB based on your contribution settings. No more separate calculations.

 Payroll Slips
It will be automatically generated payroll slips for your employees so you don't have to. If before this, the person who in charge about payroll need to make a payroll slip for each the employment, but now by using payroll system, everything is by one click.

 Simple Processing
You can process your staffs' salary simply online with just a few clicks. No more manual calculations and entry.

 Payroll Groups
Do you have different calculation method for the different group of employees? Now you can set payroll groups for your staffs and set the calculation method for each group.

 Settings & Configurations
There are a few settings that you can set to follow your company's policies such as overtime calculation and more.

 Employee Self Service
Your employees with the payroll system will do by self-service, by creating the account for the system can view and download their own payroll slip from wherever they are. Malaysia Payroll.

There is a lot of benefit by using the payroll system, but not all the payroll system in Malaysia give all these benefits,  but one the best system that can give you all these benefits. Let me show you the best payroll system that you will never get at any place, click this link and you got the free trial to use the payroll system.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What is HRDF Fund Contribution?

One of the items that companies usually forget (or don't know) that they need to contribute is the HRDF Fund Contribution, which is 1% from the employee's salary. However, this is not a deduction. This is additional payment by the company to be paid to HRDF.

The following is more information on the HRDF Fund contribution levy:

Section 14(1) of PSMB Act, 2001 stipulates that there shall be paid by every employer to whom the PSMB Act, 2001 applies, a HRD levy in respect of each of his employees at the rate of one per centum (1%) of the monthly wages of the employee.

Section 15(2) of PSMB Act, 2001 stipulates that there shall be paid by employer a HRD levy in respect of each of his employees at the rate of 0.5 per centum of the monthly wages of the employee (applicable to employer who opts to be registered).

An employer who is liable to pay the HRD levy shall pay those levies for the first and subsequent months' wages commencing from the date the employer becomes liable as stated under the Regulation 7 of the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (Registration of Employers and Payment of Levy) Regulations 2001. The payment of the HRD levy is the responsibility of employers. Employers are not permitted to deduct the wages of employees under any circumstances for the payment of the levy.

Which company need to register with HRDF? (Or also known as PSMB in Bahasa Melayu)

Section 13(1) of the PSMB Act 2001 stipulates that every employer who is covered under the Act is required to register with PSMB within such time and manner as may be prescribed.

Any employer who is convicted for not registering with PSMB may be fined up to an amount not exceeding RM10,000 or face imprisonment up to a year, or both (Section 13 (2)).
According to the First Schedule of PSMB Act, 2001, definitions of industries covered are as follows:

  • Hotel
  • Air transport
  • Travel Agency (inbound)
  • Telecommunication
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Shipping
  • Postal or Courier
  • Advertising
  • Computer Services
  • Energy
  • Training
  • Higher Education
  • Commercial Land
  • Transport &
  • Railway Transport Services
  • Direct Selling
  • Port Services
  • Engineering Support and Maintenance Services
  • Research and Development
  • Warehousing Services
  • Security Services
  • Private Hospital Services
  • Gas, Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply
  • Water Treatment and Supply
  • Sewerage
  • Waste
  • Management and Material Recovery Services
  • Production of
  • Motion Picture, Video and Television Programme, Sound Recording and Music Publishing
  • Information Service
  • Building and Landscape Services
  • Event Management Services
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health Support Services
  • Franchise
  • Sale and Repair of Motor Vehicles
  • Private Broadcasting Services
  • Driving School
  • Veterinary Services
  • Hypermarket, Supermarket and  Departmental Store Services
  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Tourism Enterprise (outbound)
≥ 10 Malaysian Employees (mandatory to register)
5 - 9 Malaysian Employees (given option to register)
Making or processing of an article by labour or machine or both, including the transformation of parts or components into another article of a different nature or character by way of altering, blending, ornamenting, finishing or otherwise treating or adapting any article or substance with a view to its use, sale, transport, delivery or disposal, including the building of a ship or the assembly of parts of a ship.
≥ 10 Malaysian Employees (mandatory to register)
5 - 9 Malaysian Employees (given option to register)
  • Petroleum and Gas Extraction
  • Mineral and Stone Quarrying
≥ 10 Malaysian Employees (mandatory to register)
5 - 9 Malaysian Employees (given option to register)
In OfficeCentral payroll, HRDF levy contribution is automatically calculated when you select that you contribute to HRDF. This make it easy for you to calculate the monthly levy to remit payment to HRDF in timely manner.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Malaysia Employment Act 1955

In Malaysia, the government provide the minimum guideline on how to calculate the salary and the leave benefits. This is the minimum that an employer has to provide but they are free to give more to their employees.

These can be read in the Malaysia employment act 1955 as follow:

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Automatic Calculation of Salary and Statutory Payment

By using the best Malaysia Payroll, OfficeCentral Payroll, the company will be able to cut the time used to calculate salary and statutory payment such as EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax, Zakat and PSMB.

Once the salary is processed, the system will automatically prepare all the statutory forms that you need in order to submit payment to the statutory bodies. So, you don't have to do the work twice!

The OfficeCentral Malaysia Payroll System will also keep all your calculation records to ensure that you can refer back to them whenever you need them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Importance of having a Payroll system

All business that hires workers need to have a payroll system to ensure that all salaries are paid correctly especially when salaries are considered as statutory requirement which shall be deducted for statutory payments such as EPF, SOCSO and Income Tax.

Instead of spending time with manual calculation or using Excel, you can actually minimize your time spent on Payroll calculation every month by using OfficeCentral Payroll - online Malaysia payroll. By using OfficeCentral Payroll, you can actually reduce the time you currently spend on Payroll up to 90% since most of the calculations have been automated and all the reports that you ever need are produced automatically!

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